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Over the past 25 years, Michael Indresano has infused his passionate attention to detail into thousands of photographs. From powerful portraits of world-class athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs to dynamic images of various brands and styles of shoes, Michael collaborates with a diverse clientele who value his dedication to creating high-impact, beautiful work.

Through a variety of innovative lighting techniques, Michael solves creative challenges and transforms even the simplest products into energizing ad campaigns. His commitment to preparation, budgets, and scheduling—along with his contagious enthusiasm and creative execution—are among the many reasons clients return to his photography studio again and again.

As client demand for engaging digital material increases, Michael has used his extensive knowledge to transition into the exciting world of video production. He creates and produces stunning videos using the most sophisticated and cutting edge equipment. Michael and his creative team use their skills and artistic style to produce high quality videos ready for use on the Internet and a variety of social media platforms. Michael’s precise attention to all details of the production process along with his unwavering motivation make him stand out in the industry.

Michael’s state-of-the-art 4,500-square-foot studio is located in the heart of Boston. Photo District News refers to the space as a “hidden oasis.” Michael’s work has received awards from the New York Art Directors Show, Communication Arts, Creativity International, Applied Arts, PX3, and other top competitions around the world.


  • American Graphic Design Award
  • Prints Regional Design Annual
  • Communication Arts
  • Applied Arts Magazine Photography and Illustration Awards
  • Leader Echo: Direct Marketing Associate International Echo Awards Competition
  • The Mead Annual Show Award of Excellence
  • Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards
  • Creativity Annual Awards
  • Creativity International Awards
  • The Hatch Awards
  • Black and White Spider Awards

Indresano Studios


33 A Street
Boston, MA 02127

Phone: 617.269.2400
Fax: 617.269.2500